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Hanging with the Systems Team

January 16, 2016

As we got together for our first Saturday meeting, the team split into our different groups. After splitting into the different teams, I got together with the Systems team as they worked on making a test bench for our test robot. Freshman Nate Donaldson and Mentor James Millar drill  a hole into the board to put the wires through. 

When they got back to their main group, Senior Anthony Miller, said "I have always loved coming to robotics. I love doing the systems of robots but have never had any real trouble with it. But with this bot, I have been struggling along with the rest of the Systems team."

Slowly but surely, the team is laying the foundation to create our competition robot for FIRST Robotics. Our team goal is to ensure our robot's functionality by the end of the second week of build season.


 (Freshman Nate Donaldson and Mentor James Millar)



(Applying the Finishing Touches to the Test Bot)


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