Support the Next Generation of Innovators

Thank you for considering supporting the St. Edward Steel Unit-E Robotics Team. Together, we can inspire innovation and excellence in STEM education. Join us on our journey to success!

You can contribute to our team in three impactful ways: sponsorships, mentorship, and in-kind gifts.

  1. Sponsorship: By becoming a financial sponsor, you empower our team to thrive! Your generous contributions fund essential materials and tools for constructing our competition robot. As a token of our appreciation, we offer various benefits, including prominent advertising space on our robot.

  2. Mentorship: We greatly value the guidance of experienced mentors, particularly those with expertise in mechanical design and programming. Your mentorship ensures our team navigates the season with confidence and skill. We would love to collaborate with you if you have knowledge to share.

  3. In-Kind Gifts: Donations of products or discounts play a vital role in maximizing our financial resources. Your continued support through in-kind gifts enables us to operate efficiently and effectively. Whether it's equipment, materials, or services, every contribution makes a difference.
close up of a robot built by first team 2172 / steel unit-e

Sponsorship Levels

Green Sponsor

$500 – $999

Green Sponsors receive:

  • Your name on our website
  • Your name on our team's social media pages

Gold Sponsor

$1,000 – $2,999

Gold Sponsors receive everything at the Green level, plus:

  • Your logo on our Engineering Lab banner
  • Your logo on our promotional handout
  • Your logo on our team's t-shirt
  • Your logo in our website's sponsors slider

Event Sponsor

$3,000 – $4,999

Event Sponsors receive everything at the Gold level, plus:

  • Your logo on our competition banner, which we take to all our events with 50+ teams present
  • Your name on the "Thank You Wall" in our Engineering Lab
  • A custom demonstration video
  • Your name and logo on our team trailer/vehicle

Title Sponsor (Two Available!)


Title Sponsors receive everything at the Event level, plus:

  • Your logo on our team t-shirt's sleeve
  • A demonstration of our team's robot at your company's next event
  • Your logo in rotation on St. Edward High School's scoreboards in our varsity gymnasium during all home basketball and volleyball games

Become a Sponsor of Steel Unit-E!